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Summer Internship News 2022

A summer internship is an important way to gain valuable knowledge outside the college classroom. This summer, some of our STT PhD candidates have earned the opportunity to intern with organizations and companies across the country.

“Summer internship is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on real world experience and to develop professional connections that could be beneficial to their career,” Dr. Yuehua Cui, Graduate Director for the Department of Statistics and Probability, said.  “It is a good time to test drive their career plans: going to industry or academia. More importantly, it gives students the chance to build their CV profile to impress their future employer and improve their chance to be recruited. We have had senior students who secured their job offers in the same company they did their interns right after they finished the interns. All in all, students are encouraged to do summer interns if they can.”

Haoxiang FengAinstein in Lawrence, Kansas: Ainstein focuses on radar technology, and my job is to optimize current radar detection algorithms when the signal noise ratio (SNR) is low. So far, I have optimized synthesis and denoise parts and am working on sparse representation part.

Arkaprabha GanguliArgonne National Laboratory as a part of National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship (NSF MSGI)  program: I am working on understanding statistical characteristics of lossy compressibility for scientific datasets.

Nian Liu – Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)/ Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)  National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship (NSF MSGI) program: I am working at Los Alamos National Laboratory and doing the probabilistic hazard analysis of volcanic ash transport. I will build a Gaussian process emulator as the surrogate model of a computationally expensive simulator, then use emulation outputs for hazard analysis.

Sumegha PremchandarArgonne National Laboratory:  I am currently working on implementing Neural Architecture Search Algorithms and developing a structured Bayesian version of Neural Architecture Search with Dr.Sandeep Madireddy.

Ruxin Shi –  Moderna Services, Inc.: I am working with a senior-level statistician on a research project related to clinical trials and real-world data and implementing simulations using statistical software via customized code. I will present the research outcome at the end of the program.

Jiefu Zhoua Special Volunteer Internship with Dr. Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong at the National Institute of Health: I am preparing a publication that focuses on using statistical models to measure the association between Burkitt lymphoma and malaria in endemic areas. I am mainly responsible for model training, model validation, and creating result tables/figures.

From Dr. Lyudmila Sakhanenko, Interim Chair for STT: “The Department of Statistics and Probability is extremely proud of our students doing internships. Not only do they have the opportunity to test-drive a career direction, but they also get to apply their skills and training, build up the confidence in their work, and pick up non-technical skills in the real world. Way to go, STT Spartans!”