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Administrative Team

Hao Zhang - Department Chair
Vince Melfi - Associate Chair
Jessica Toner - Department Administrator/S
Yuehua Cui - Director of Graduate Programs
Leonard Johnson - Undergraduate Program Director; Academic Advisor for Undergrad and MS programs
Paul Speaker - MS Data Science Director and Data Science Academic Advisor 

Department of Statistics and Probability (STT) Core Values

Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and empathy. 

Inclusivity: Welcome and support people of all backgrounds, origins, identities, and beliefs. 

Integrity: Adhere to highest standards of professionalism, transparency, and ethics 

Excellence: Achieve high quality outcomes in teaching, research, and engagement 

Collaboration: Value the contributions of all and pursue innovation through collaborative partnerships 

STT Mission

Our mission is to advance knowledge in the statistical sciences to address social, scientific, and economic challenges and to empower students and researchers within and beyond our discipline by providing inclusive and effective statistical education.  

STT Vision

We strive to foster and support a thriving, diverse, and inclusive community who collaborate to advance scientific discoveries and promote rigor and reproducibility in statistical practice.

About the Department of Statistics and Probability

Founded in 1955, the Department of Statistics and Probability is part of the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University and is dedicated to advancing knowledge through research, education, and innovation. Its faculty are engaged in applied, methodological and theoretical research in statistics, probability, and data science and collaborate across diverse disciplines including computational biology, actuarial science, education, engineering, genetics, medical sciences, and the social sciences, among others, with access to a high-performance computing facility on campus. Faculty are engaged in statistics education research and practice, and the department has a vibrant community of teaching faculty. The department awards bachelor’s degrees in statistics and in quantitative risk analytics, master’s degrees in statistics, applied statistics, and data science, and doctoral degrees in statistics. The department is home to over 100 graduate students and more than 100 undergraduate students from many countries. 

To learn more about how the department began, please see A History of the Department of Statistics and Probability Michigan State University.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

The Department of Statistics and Probability (STT) welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds, origins, identities, and beliefs. All members of STT are expected to engage in behaviors and practices that are inclusive, are respectful, and serve to foster trust within the community.

STT has a standing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, that recommends, reviews, and evaluates policies and programs that affect the diversity of faculty, staff, and students of STT and the equity and inclusivity efforts of STT. For more information, please see STT Bylaws 3.6.9: STT Bylaws

The College of Natural Science has several DEI programs and initiatives that all faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in.