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STT presents William L. Harkness Award to PhD students

PhD students Sanket Jantre and Alex Pijyan were recently presented with the William L. Harkness Award for outstanding teaching by a graduate student. The awards are made possible by a generous gift from William Harkness, a doctoral alumnus of the Statistics and Probability department. Recipients are chosen for their remarkable teaching based on student evaluations and faculty observations of teaching.

“I am deeply honored to receive the William L. Harkness Award for my teaching work as a graduate student,” said Jantre.  “I accept this award with sincere gratitude towards all the faculty members who have guided me in improving my teaching skills. I have always wanted to contribute significantly to the growth of undergraduate as well as graduate students through my instructional work and being felicitated with this award has encouraged me further to pursue this goal in my professional career.”

"I am honored to receive William L. Harkness award for outstanding graduate student teaching and glad that my work was positively evaluated and recognized by students and faculty members,” said Pijyan. “I would like to thank our instructors for their hard work and dedication that made the entire teaching process straightforward and enjoyable."