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Prof. Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong receives NSF award for developing statistical theory and methodology for impact of molecular biomarkers on survival outcomes in high-dimensional data.

Impact of Molecular Biomarkers on Survival Outcomes image

STT's Prof. Grace Hong is sole PI on a new award funded by the National Science Foundation's Division of Mathematical Sciences. She plans to develop a theoretically justifiable and computationally feasible framework for analyzing large-scale data in generated by the biomedical sciences. To address fundamental issues arising from high-dimensional survival data analysis, the planned work features a series of methods to detect gene-specific impacts on cancer patients' survival,  to select important biomarkers for predicting survival outcomes, and to quantify the uncertainty of survival models with high-dimensional predictors. This work will help detect patients' specific characteristics that make them respond differently to treatment or more susceptible to diseases. This research is expected to have a practical impact on precision medicine. 

STT Professor Grace Hong
STT Professor Grace Hong