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Albert Cohen represents Department of Statistics and Probability at 21st anniversary of the Stanley C. and Selma D. Hollander Faculty Book Collection

On April 18th, Albert Cohen, was proud to represent the Department of Statistics and Probability at a reception on the 4th floor of the MSU Library for the 21st anniversary of the Stanley C. and Selma D. Hollander Faculty Book Collection (https://lib.msu.edu/node/2855/) . 

This sizable collection, now currently at 3500+ titles, includes books, musical scores, and multimedia works which were authored, edited, or translated by MSU faculty, as well as recordings of musical performances.

Dr. Cohen’s contribution as a member of the 2018 class, “A Celebration of the Ties That Bind Us: Connections between Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance”, collects works from the special issue of Risks which he edited. Articles from respected leaders in Mathematical Finance and Insurance, such as Peter Carr (NYU), Stephen Mildenhall (St. Johns University), and Gareth W. Peters (Heriot Watt University) are among those found in the book.

In keeping with MSU’s support of open access publishing (https://lib.msu.edu/about/collections/scholcomm/support/), this book is available to the community as a pdf of the entire book (https://www.mdpi.com/books/pdfview/book/545), individual articles (https://www.mdpi.com/journal/risks/special_issues/actuarial_science), and as the physical copy of the book in our main library (http://catalog.lib.msu.edu/record=b12767799~S39a).

It should be noted that Albert is especially proud to be associated with the interdisciplinary strength that our department possesses in mathematical finance and actuarial science. This is evidenced by our combined faculty group in Frederi Viens, Shlomo Levental, Gee Lee, and Haiyan Liu, and the high-level research they produce in these two fields. 

Please feel free to contact Albert with your ideas for projects as he continues to connect our department with industry and academic partners. We appreciate Albert’s dedication to our Actuarial program and this most recent effort to raise even higher the profile of our scholarship in risk management.