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2021-22 Harkness Award for Outstanding Teaching Announced

PhD candidate Andriana Manousidaki was recently presented with the 2021-2022 William L. Harkness Award for outstanding teaching by a graduate student. The award is made possible by a generous gift from William Harkness, a doctoral alumnus from the Department of Statistics and Probability. Recipients are chosen for their remarkable teaching based on student evaluations and faculty observations of teaching.

“I always knew that I liked teaching Statistics, but by the end of my first semester as a TA of the STT department I realized that I loved it,” said Andriana. “Since then, I have been trying to become better and better at teaching. It is a great honor to receive the Harkness teaching award and for that, I would like to thank the award committee, the department members who recognized my efforts and nominated me, all the instructors that I have been a TA for and gave me valuable advice on teaching, and of course my family and friends for their tremendous support.”