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NatSci awards 2022 Faculty Teaching Prize to Dola Pathak

STT Instructor Dola Pathak, Phd., was awarded the 2022 College of Natural Science Faculty Teaching Prize in November. Each year, CNS recognizes teaching excellence by awarding the Faculty Teaching Prize to select fixed-term and tenure-system faculty. She was nominated by STT Associate Chair, Dr. Vince Melfi.

“I am very grateful and appreciative of the recognition that I have received. I am honored that the department and the College of NatSci found me to be worthy of this prize,” said Professor Pathak. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who nominated me for their time, effort, and kind consideration. A big note of appreciation to everyone who helps me every day in this journey and endeavor: my mentors, fellow instructors, the STT support staff, my instructional team, and of course, my students. This award is a great morale-booster, and I will continue to work towards creating a more inclusive environment in classrooms and bringing innovation to statistics education.”

“The Department of Statistics and Probability is so proud of Dr. Dola Pathak being awarded with the NatSci Teaching Prize,” said Dr. Luda Sakhanenko, Interim Chair for the Department of Statistics and Probabilty. “This honor recognizes all the outstanding and wonderful contributions that Dr. Pathak adds to the educational mission of the department. Her commitment to student learning, dedication to teaching excellence, and generous instructional mentoring are superb and well-deserving of this award!”