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Department of Statistics and Probability (STT): Research Areas   

  • Accessibility in data science (Melfi, Xie (joint with CMSE))
  • Bayesian modeling (Bhattacharya, Maiti, Viens),
  • Computer calibration and uncertainty quantification (Maiti, Sung),
  • Data quality and initial data analysis (Huebner),
  • Machine learning (Lei (joint with CMSE), Maiti, Sung, Weng, Xie (joint with CMSE)), Nonparametric statistics in neuroimaging (Sakhanenko),
  • Random fields and stochastic processes (Levental, Sakhanenko, Viens, Xiao),
  • Risk assessment (Lee (joint with MTH, Actuarial Sci)),
  • Robust statistics (Zuo),
  • Statistics education K-12 (Green (joint with PRIME)),
  • Statistical genetics and genomics (Cui, de los Campos (joint with EPI), Xie (joint with CMSE)),
  • Stochastic analysis and stochastic PDEs (Levental, Viens, Xiao),
  • Survival analysis in high dimensional setting (Weng).

 STT faculty are engaged in diverse areas of applied research in brain imaging, plant biology, nuclear physics, hydrology, immunology, cancer research, genetics. Specifically, data applications range from healthcare, fluid physics, particle physics, soil science, to sports physiology and aging. 


Outreach and Engagement 

 Many of STT’s faculty members serve on committees of professional organizations such as the American Statistical Association, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, or on editorial boards of peer reviewed journals, as well as participating on organizing committees of international conferences.

One faculty member serves as the Co-chair of the STRATOS Initiative https://stratos-initiative.org, an international organization with over 100 expert statisticians whose mission is to provide guidance to applied and expert researchers on topics such as high dimensional data analysis, missing data, causal inference, and more. 

Outreach activities with involvement of STT’s faculty are R Ladies East Lansing, Girls in Engineering, International Master Weightlifting Association, and the MSU student organization STATCOM (Statistics in the Community) https://cstat.msu.edu/statistics-community-statcom-michigan-state-university


Research activities for Statistics and Probability faculty during the past 36 months

Visit https://scholars.msu.edu/dashboard?unitId=721&unitType=2 to see a current list of books, articles, conference proceedings, awards and grants.