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The Department of Statistics and Probability (STT) graduate program hosts 40 Ph.D. students, 20 Master students (Statistics or Applied Statistics), and 50 students in the professional Master in Data Science. There are 155 undergraduate students (BA and BS, dual enrolled, double majors, additional majors). 

STT Degree Programs 

Undergraduate: degrees in statistics, quantitative risk analytics, data science (led by CMSE, joint with CSE), and actuarial mathematics (led by MTH). 

Graduate: Ph.D. in Statistics, dual Ph.D. degree with CMSE,  Master degree in Statistics, Master degree in Applied Statistics, Master degree Data Science (led by STT, joint with CMSE and CSE). 

Training and Mentoring in Statistical Consulting 

The Center for Statistical Training and Consulting (CSTAT) has grown from efforts of STT faculty to a university-wide resource that is administered by the Office of Research and Innovation. STT has provided opportunities for its Ph.D. students to be trained and mentored as statistical collaborators by providing Research Assistantships to qualified students. Testimonials from STT graduates indicate how valuable this experience was to gain a deeper understanding of statistics or for their future career paths. This is an opportunity for the students to explore different research domains, co-author papers, and improve their resume for job applications.

Important Links

Statistics Learning Center  Assistance for undergraduate students enrolled in certain STT courses.

Enrollment Permission Request For undergraduate students who do not have the prerequisites to enroll in an STT course and for graduate students who would like to enroll in upper level courses with restricted enrollment.

Class Pages Class information for the the current semester.

Transfer Credit Application Before submitting this application, please check the MSU Transfer Credit website to verify the course has not already been evaluated.

Course Descriptions STT course descriptions and schedule information provided by the Registrar's Office.