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Due to modified operations due to COVID-19, the STT staff is working remotely.
For undergraduate concerns, please contact
For graduate concerns, please contact
For all other concerns, please contact
We will address your questions as soon as possible.
Jessica Dunkel Jessica Dunkel

Department Administrator/S
C414 Wells Hall  |  517-884-3813  |

Tami Hankey Tami Hankey

Graduate Program Coordinator
C413 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1485  |

Andy Hufford Andy Hufford

Information Technologist
C407 Wells Hall  |  517-432-4068  |

Megan Spaulding Megan Spaulding

Department / Undergraduate Assistant
C413 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9589  |

Teresa Vollmer Teresa Vollmer

Chair Assistant
C415 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3233  |