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Due to modified operations due to COVID-19, the STT staff is working remotely.
For undergraduate concerns, please contact STT.UndergradOffice@msu.edu
For graduate concerns, please contact STT.GradOffice@msu.edu
For all other concerns, please contact STT.Staff@msu.edu
We will address your questions as soon as possible.
Shelby Conrad Shelby Conrad

Chair Assistant
C415 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3233  |  rossshe1@msu.edu

Jessica Dunkel Jessica Dunkel

Department Administrator/S
C414 Wells Hall  |  517-884-3813  |  dunkelje@msu.edu

Tami Hankey Tami Hankey

Graduate Program Coordinator
C413 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1485  |  hankeyt@msu.edu

Andy Hufford Andy Hufford

Information Technologist
C407 Wells Hall  |  517-432-4068  |  huffordw@msu.edu

Megan Spaulding Megan Spaulding

Department / Undergraduate Assistant
C413 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9589  |  spauld47@msu.edu