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Shrijita Bhattacharya Shrijita Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor
C419 Wells Hall | 517-355-8426 |

Alireza Boloori Alireza Boloori

Assistant Professor
C409 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3899  |

Gail Burrill Gail Burrill

Adjunct Professor: Statistics and Probability
Mathematics Specialist: Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME)

224 North Kedzie  |  517-884-3480  |

Hongyan Cao Hongyan Cao

Visiting Research Scholar
C510 Wells Hall  |

Albert Cohen Albert Cohen

Continuing Specialist - Teaching: Statistics and Probability
Director of Program Development: Actuarial Science and Quantitative Risk Analytics Program

C336 Wells Hall  |  517-355-4592  |
Reseach Interests: Actuarial Science

Yuehua Cui Yuehua Cui

Graduate Director: Statistics and Probability

C432 Wells Hall  |  517-432-7098  |
Research Interests: Statistical genetics, Bioinformatics, Longitudinal data analysis

Gustavo de los Campos Gustavo de los Campos

C442 Wells Hall / B601 Fee Hall  |  517-432-9892 / 517-353-8623  |
Research Interests: Statistical Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Bayesian Methods, Statistical Software, High dimensional regressions

Elijah Dikong Elijah Dikong

Assistant Professor
C444 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7201  |
Research Interests: Queueing and Stochastic Processes Graph and Random Graph Theory

Roy Erickson Roy Erickson

Professor Emeritus

Camille Fairbourn Camille Fairbourn

Senior Specialist - Teaching
C425 Wells Hall  |  517-355-3391  |

Yuzhao Gao Yuzhao Gao

Visiting Research Scholar
C400 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7204  |

Dennis Gilliland Dennis Gilliland

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Compound and Empirical Bayes, Repeated Games, Quantitative Literacy, Applications

Jennifer Green Jennifer Green

Associate Professor
C442 Wells Hall  |  517-432-9892  |

Daniel Hayes Daniel Hayes

Adjunct Professor: Statistics and Probability
Professor: Fisheries and Wildlife

165 Nat. Resources  |  517-432-3781  |

Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong

Associate Professor
C435 Wells Hall  |  517-432-1485  |
Research Interests: Quantile regression, Ordinal response, Aging research, survival analysis with high-dimensional features

Marianne Huebner Marianne Huebner

Director: Center for Statistical Training & Consulting
Professor: Statistics and Probability

C422 Wells Hall  |  517-432-3385  |
Research Interests: Biostatistics, initial data analysis, modeling of health records, data mining of electronic health records, statistical genomics

Dennis Ikpe Dennis Ikpe

Assistant Professor: Statistics and Probability
Coordinator: African Engagement in Data Science, College of Natural Science
C401 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1923 |

Huanqun Jiang Huanqun Jiang

Research Associate
C431 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3237  |

Leonard Johnson Leonard Johnson

Undergraduate Director: Statistics and Probability
Teaching Specialist

C410 Wells Hall  |  517-355-3287  |

Irina I Kadyrova Irina I Kadyrova

Specialist: Math Department
Visiting Professor: Statistics and Probability

John Keane John Keane

Teaching Specialist
C427 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7820  |

Hira Koul Hira Koul

Professor Emeritus
C412 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7170  |
Research Interests: Non- and Semiparametric Statistics, Survival Analysis, Time Series Analysis

Alexandra 'Sasha' Kravchenko Alexandra 'Sasha' Kravchenko

Adjunct Professor: Statistics and Probability
Professor: Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

376 Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences  |  517-353-0469  |

Gee Lee Gee Lee

Assistant Professor
C337 Wells Hall  |  517-353-6332  |
Research Interests: Actuarial Science, Risk and Insurance

Huan Lei Huan Lei

Assistant Professor
2502 Engineering  |  517-432-0464  |

Raoul LePage Raoul LePage

Professor Emeritus
C428 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3984  |
Research Interests: Universal Statistical Methodologies, Automatic Learning/Investing/Gaming, Resampling Theory, Data Extremes, Linear Inverse Problems, Mathematical Finance, Bayesian Method, General Statistical Consulting

Shlomo Levental Shlomo Levental

Graduate Coordinator

C420 Wells Hall  |  517-355-8726  |
Research Interests: Stochastic Models in Finanace

Haiyan Liu Haiyan Liu

Assistant Professor
C344 Wells Hall  |  517-353-0844  |

Taps Maiti Taps Maiti

MSU Foundation Professor
C424 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9677  |
Research Interests: High-dimensional Data Analysis, Biostatistical Methods, Mixed Models, Bayesian Methods, Spatial Data Analysis

Andrzej Makagon Andrzej Makagon

Visiting Professor

V. Mandrekar V. Mandrekar

C436 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7172  |
Research Interests: Stochastic PDEs, Stationary & Markov Fields, Stochastic Stability, Signal Analysis

Tom McCollum Tom McCollum

Specialist: Math Department
Associate Director: Actuarial Science Program

C338 Wells Hall  |  517-353-0839  |

Mark Meerschaert Mark Meerschaert

University Distinguished Professor
C430 Wells Hall  |  517-353-8881  |
Research Interests: Stochastic Processes, Time Series, Heavy Tails

Vince Melfi Vince Melfi

Department Chair: Statistics and Probability
Associate Professor

C421 Wells Hall  |  517-432-3384  |
Research Interests: Markov Chains, Renewal Theory, Sequential Allocations

Connie Page Connie Page

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Sequential Allocation, Statistical Consulting, Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials

Dola Pathak Dola Pathak

Assistant Professor
C434 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7173  |

Pramod Pathak Pramod Pathak

C402 Wells Hall  |  517-353-8900  |
Research Interests: Sampling Theory, and Mathematical Statistics, Computational Statistics

R.V. Ramamoorthi R.V. Ramamoorthi

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Foundations, Bayesian Inference, Graphics models

Lyudmila Sakhanenko Lyudmila Sakhanenko

C441 Wells Hall  |  517-432-9795  |
Research Interests: Empirical Processes, High Dimensional Probability

Habib Salehi Habib Salehi

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Prediction Theory, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Analysis

Harish Sankaranarayanan Harish Sankaranarayanan

Specialist - Teacher
C408 Wells Hall  |  517-355-0318  |
Research Interests: Fractional Calculus, Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Stochastic Processes

Ashoke Sinha Ashoke Sinha

Assistant Professor
C443 Wells Hall  |  517-432-2354  |
Research Interests: Extreme Value Theory and its applications in actuarial science, financial and engineering related risk estimation

Veronika Skorokhod Veronika Skorokhod

Assistant Professor
C403 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7815  |

Paul Speaker Paul Speaker

Associate Professor
C431 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3237  |

James Stapleton James Stapleton

Professor Emeritus
C429 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9678  |
Research Interests: Linear and Log-linear Models

Chih-Li Sung Chih-Li Sung

Assistant Professor
C418 Wells Hall  |  517-355-0319  |
Research Interests: Uncertainty quantification, Computer experiment, Machine learning, Big data, Engineering statistics

Robert Tempelman Robert Tempelman

Adjunct Professor: Statistics and Probability
Professor: Animal Science
1205J Anthony Hall  |  517-355-8445  |

P. Vellaisamy P. Vellaisamy

Visiting Professor

Frederi Viens Frederi Viens

Professor: Department of Statistics and Probability
Interim Director: Actuarial Science Program
Adjunct Director: Center for Statistical Training and Consulting

C439 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5412  |
Research Interests: Probability theory, Stochastic analysis, Mathematical statistics, Applied Bayesian analysis, Finance, Insurance mathematics, Time series, Climate science, Agricultural economics, Hydrology, Nuclear physics, Human medicine

Haolei Weng Haolei Weng

Assistant Professor
C433 Wells Hall  |  517-353-6369  |

Yimin Xiao Yimin Xiao

MSU Foundation Professor
Associate Chair: Statistics and Probability

C437 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5411  |
Research Interests: Stochastics Processes and Random Fields, Fractals

Yuying Xie Yuying Xie

Assistant Professor
1513 Engineering  |  517-432-0391  |
Research Interests: Statistical Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, High Dimensional Data Anaylsis, Graphical Models, Causal Inference, Measurement Error, QTL/eQTL Mapping

Mohsen Zayernouri Mohsen Zayernouri

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Statistics and Probability
Assistant Professor: Mechanical Engineering

2502 Engineering  |  517-432-0464  |

Aklilu Zeleke Aklilu Zeleke

W-25A Holmes Hall  |  517-353-4504  |
Research Interests: Probability, Stochastic process

Mingtao Zhao Mingtao Zhao

Visiting Research Scholar
C510 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1492  |

Ping-Shou Zhong Ping-Shou Zhong

Adjunct Associate Professor: Statistics and Probability
Associate Professor: Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests: Statistical inference for high dimensional data, empirical likelihood method, nonparametric smoothing methods and statistical genetics.

Yijun Zuo Yijun Zuo

C440 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5413  |
Research Interests: Data Depth and Applications, Multivariate Data Analysis, Robust Statistics, Nonparametric Methods