Shrijita Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor
C419 Wells Hall  |  517-355-8426  |  bhatta61@msu.edu

Alireza Boloori

Assistant Professor
C409 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3899  |  bolooria@msu.edu

Hongyan Cao

Visiting Research Scholar
C510 Wells Hall  |  caohongy@msu.edu

Albert Cohen

Continuing Specialist -- teaching
Director of Program Development: Actuarial Science and Quantitative Risk Analytics Program

C336 Wells Hall  |  517-355-4592  |  acohen@msu.edu
Reseach Interests: Actuarial Science

Yuehua Cui

Graduate Director

C432 Wells Hall  |  517-432-7098  |  cuiy@msu.edu
Research Interests: Statistical genetics, Bioinformatics, Longitudinal data analysis

Gustavo de los Campos

C442 Wells Hall / B601 Fee Hall  |  517-432-9892 / 517-353-8623  |  gustavoc@msu.edu
Research Interests: Statistical Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Bayesian Methods, Statistical Software, High dimensional regressions

Elijah Dikong

Assistant Professor
C444 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7201  | dikonge@msu.edu
Research Interests: Queueing and Stochastic Processes Graph and Random Graph Theory

Roy Erickson

Professor Emeritus

Camille Fairbourn

Senior Specialist - Teaching
C425 Wells Hall  |  517-355-3391  |  fairbour@msu.edu

Yuzhao Gao

Visiting Research Scholar
C400 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7204  |  gaoyuzha@msu.edu

Dennis Gilliland

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Compound and Empirical Bayes, Repeated Games, Quantitative Literacy, Applications

Sarah Hession

Continuing Specialist -- Research: Center for Statistical Training and Consulting
Visiting Associate Professor: Statistics and Probability

C439 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5412  |  hessions@msu.edu

Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong

Associate Professor
C435 Wells Hall  |  517-432-1485  |  hhong@msu.edu
Research Interests: Quantile regression, Ordinal response, Aging research, survival analysis with high-dimensional features

Marianne Huebner

Director: Center for Statistical Training & Consulting
Associate Professor: Statistics and Probability

C422 Wells Hall  |  517-432-3385  |  huebner@msu.edu
Research Interests: Biostatistics, initial data analysis, modeling of health records, data mining of electronic health records, statistical genomics

Dennis Ikpe

Assistant Professor - Statistics and Probability
Coordinator - African Engagement in Data Science, College of Natural Science
C401 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1923 |  ikpedenn@msu.edu

Leonard Johnson

Teaching Specialist
C410 Wells Hall  |  517-355-3287  |  john2772@msu.edu

John Keane

Teaching Specialist
C427 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7820  |  keanejoh@msu.edu

Hira Koul

Professor Emeritus
C412 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7170  |  koul@msu.edu
Research Interests: Non- and Semiparametric Statistics, Survival Analysis, Time Series Analysis

Gee Lee

Assistant Professor
C337 Wells Hall  |  517-353-6332  |  leegee@msu.edu
Research Interests: Actuarial Science, Risk and Insurance

Huan Lei

Assistant Professor
2502 Engineering  |  517-432-0464  |  leihuan@msu.edu

Raoul LePage

C428 Wells Hall  |  517-353-3984  |  lepage@msu.edu
Research Interests: Universal Statistical Methodologies, Automatic Learning/Investing/Gaming, Resampling Theory, Data Extremes, Linear Inverse Problems, Mathematical Finance, Bayesian Method, General Statistical Consulting

Shlomo Levental

Graduate Coordinator

C420 Wells Hall  |  517-355-8726  |  levental@msu.edu
Research Interests: Stochastic Models in Finanace

Haiyan Liu

Assistant Professor
C344 Wells Hall  |  517-353-0844  |  liuhaiy1@msu.edu

Taps Maiti

MSU Foundation Professor
C424 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9677  |  maiti@msu.edu
Research Interests: High-dimensional Data Analysis, Biostatistical Methods, Mixed Models, Bayesian Methods, Spatial Data Analysis

V. Mandrekar

C436 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7172  |  mandrek1@msu.edu
Research Interests: Stochastic PDEs, Stationary & Markov Fields, Stochastic Stability, Signal Analysis

Tom McCollum

Specialist: Math Department
Associate Director: Actuarial Science Program

C338 Wells Hall  |  517-353-0839  |  mccoll31@msu.edu

Mark Meerschaert

University Distinguished Professor
C430 Wells Hall  |  517-353-8881  |  mcubed@msu.edu
Research Interests: Stochastic Processes, Time Series, Heavy Tails

Vince Melfi

Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Undergraduate Director

C421 Wells Hall  |  517-432-3384  |  melfi@msu.edu
Research Interests: Markov Chains, Renewal Theory, Sequential Allocations

Léo Neufcourt

Research Assistant Professor: Statistics and Probability, and Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
C442 Wells Hall  |  517-432-3892  |  neufcour@msu.edu
Research Interests: Bayesian Inference, Uncertainty Quantification, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Finance

Connie Page

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Sequential Allocation, Statistical Consulting, Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials

Dola Pathak

Assistant Professor
C434 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7173  |  dpathak@msu.edu

Pramod Pathak

C402 Wells Hall  |  517-353-8900  |  pathakp@msu.edu
Research Interests: Sampling Theory, and Mathematical Statistics, Computational Statistics

R.V. Ramamoorthi

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Foundations, Bayesian Inference, Graphics models

Lyudmila Sakhanenko

C441 Wells Hall  |  517-432-9795  |  sakhanen@msu.edu
Research Interests: Empirical Processes, High Dimensional Probability

Habib Salehi

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Prediction Theory, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Analysis

Harish Sankaranarayanan

Specialist - Teacher
C408 Wells Hall  |  517-355-0318  |  harish@msu.edu
Research Interests: Fractional Calculus, Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Stochastic Processes

Dhruv Sharma

Continuing Specialist -- Research: Center for Statistical Training and Consulting
Visiting Associate Professor: Statistics and Probability

178C Giltner Hall  |  517-353-1058  |  sharmadh@msu.edu

Veronika Skorokhod

Assistant Professor
C403 Wells Hall  |  517-353-7815  |  skorokh2@msu.edu

Ashoke Sinha

Assistant Professor
C443 Wells Hall  |  517-432-2354  |  aksinha@msu.edu
Research Interests: Extreme Value Theory and its applications in actuarial science, financial and engineering related risk estimation

James Stapleton

Professor Emeritus
C429 Wells Hall  |  517-355-9678  |  staplet5@msu.edu
Research Interests: Linear and Log-linear Models

Chih-Li Sung

Assistant Professor
C418 Wells Hall  |  517-355-0319  |  sungchih@msu.edu
Research Interests: Uncertainty quantification, Computer experiment, Machine learning, Big data, Engineering statistics

Frederi Viens

Chair and Professor: Department of Statistics and Probability
Interim Director: Actuarial Science Program
Adjunct Director: Center for Statistical Training and Consulting

C415 Wells Hall  |  517-432-7097  |  viens@msu.edu
Research Interests: Probability theory, Stochastic analysis, Mathematical statistics, Applied Bayesian analysis, Finance, Insurance mathematics, Time series, Climate science, Agricultural economics, Hydrology, Nuclear physics, Human medicine

Haolei Weng

Assistant Professor
C433 Wells Hall  |  517-353-6369  |  wenghaol@msu.edu

Yimin Xiao

MSU Foundation Professor
C437 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5411  |  xiaoy@msu.edu
Research Interests: Stochastics Processes and Random Fields, Fractals

Yuying Xie

Assistant Professor
1513 Engineering  |  517-432-0391  |  xyy@msu.edu
Research Interests: Statistical Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, High Dimensional Data Anaylsis, Graphical Models, Causal Inference, Measurement Error, QTL/eQTL Mapping

Mohsen Zayernouri

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Statistics and Probability
Assistant Professor: Mechanical Engineering

2502 Engineering  |  517-432-0464  |  zayern@msu.edu

Aklilu Zeleke

W-25A Holmes Hall  |  517-353-4504  |  zeleke@msu.edu
Research Interests: Probability, Stochastic process

Mingtao Zhao

Visiting Research Scholar
C510 Wells Hall  |  517-884-1492  |  zhaomin8@msu.edu

Ping-Shou Zhong

Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests: Statistical inference for high dimensional data, empirical likelihood method, nonparametric smoothing methods and statistical genetics.

Yijun Zuo

C440 Wells Hall  |  517-432-5413  |  zuo@msu.edu
Research Interests: Data Depth and Applications, Multivariate Data Analysis, Robust Statistics, Nonparametric Methods