Colloquium - Juan Du

Institution: Kansas State University
Title: Variogram Models on Spheres
Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Location: C405 Wells Hall
Time: 10:20 AM - 11:10 AM
Refreshments: 10:00AM
Abstract: Variogram or variogram matrix functions play an important role in modeling dependence structure among multiple processes at different locations in spatial statistics. This work gives the characterizations of the variogram models on spheres of different dimensions for intrinsically stationary, univariate or multivariate processes. Efficient approaches are proposed to construct a variety of isotropic variogram or variogram matrix functions including simple polynomial structures. Series representations and variogram properties of intrinsic stationary random fields on spheres are elaborated in both theoretical and simulation studies. Applications of the proposed model and related theoretical results are demonstrated using simulation and real data analysis.